Sunday, February 28, 2016

Biggest Hangover Ever

I haven't had a drink or drug for 7 and half years, but today I have the biggest hangover! Wednesday, My older son turned 18. Last night, his dad and I threw him at "club style" party in Chatsworth. I think about 300 kids showed up. Considering the amount of kids there (and the fact that apparently they all "pre-game"). Do you know what that is? Neither did I, but it simply seems to mean getting buzzed before an event that you won't be allowed to drink or smoke at. That, I understand. Former First Lady Betty Ford used to "pre-game" (for real! Check out her autobiography that details her alcoholism and her recovery). She called it her "dressing drink" She would pour a generous glass of scotch while she picked out her evening's attire...

Anyway, there were a couple of incidents. One young lady ended up melting down in the bathroom because she'd been punched in the nose by another young female (can't really call her a lady if she's slugging people at the party, right?). The real tragedy, according to her, was that she just had a nose job two weeks earlier. To be fair, she was covered in blood and her nose did seem to swell rather quickly. It was quite a scene. Other kids couldn't get in (either because we were at capacity or they weren't on the list). That seemed to stir the trouble pot too. We found a bunch jumping the back fence. They along with any other intruders, were escorted out. I'm rarely not in bed by 11:00. But last night we didn't get to sleep until almost 2:30am. Today, I feel heavy-lidded, spacy-headed, dry-mouthed, headachey. All the symptoms I thought I'd left behind 7 and half years ago! Maybe I'll skip the Oscars and go to sleep early. I doubt that I'll be missing much.

But let me know if Leo wins. ok? Thanks!